Summer Masterclasses

Summer Masterclasses with a difference: intensive tuition from leading musicians and pedagogues, sponsored concert engagements and various prizes.


We offer 3 uniquely thought-out programmes for different age groups as well as future concert engagements for successful candidates. Come and become a part of our international musical community in the stunning setting of beautiful Nafplio in sunny Greece.


Quotes from past students
Beautiful city, great teachers, fantastic organization and interesting lectures. What could be better!‘-
Aldemir Tokov (pianist from Russia, Central Music School, Moscow) a recipient of Aspect Foundation prize with a sponsored concert in London at the Leighton House.


Thank you deeply for your attention these past days in Greece and the wonderful opportunity given with the recital prize. It has been an invaluable experience for me.‘-
Spanish pianist Antonio Galera Lopez (concert pianist from Spain), a recipient of Concordia Foundation prize with a sponsored concert at St Martin In the Fields.


The course is Greece was a wonderful experience, really interesting. I met new people, discovered another country, and most of all the lessons I had, the advice, the discussions we had about my technique, the interpretation and analysis of a score were simply priceless!-
French pianist Tony Fallone (French pianist from Royal College of Music, London), a recipient of The City Lit Institute prize with a concert in London.


… I’ve made some great friends from the course; I loved being in an environment in which to talk non-stop about music! I’ve never experienced that before. I think best of all for me was that immersion in musical life and conversation – living and breathing music – very addictive, like a healthy drug…!-
UK pianist Thomas Harris (British pianist from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London), also an Aspect Foundation prize recipient.

I have benefited a lot from the course. Not only my singing technique, but also crafting my artistry as a whole. I also particularly enjoyed the talk that Susan gave, it was truly inspirational and motivational to do much better…!-
Jacob Bettinelli (Singer from Hong Kong), a recipient of Talent Unlimited Prize with a concert at St James’s Piccadilly Church in London.

This week was one of the best weeks I have ever had in my life. It was full of music, inspiration and fun….
Tolga Atalay Un (Pianist from Turkey), a recipient of Aspect Foundation prize with a sponsored concert in London at the Leighton House.

There was a great opportunity to meet a lot of talented people and moreover to play with them. The lesson with Manolis was extremely useful, because it is so important to learn how to accompany singers and it improves your own piano skills as well…
Veronika Krashenninkova (Pianist from Russia), a recipient of Talent Unlimited Prize with a concert at St James’s Piccadilly Church in London.

I loved the wonderfully warm atmosphere of the masterclasses in which participants quickly became friends and supported each other..
Nina Del Ser (Pianist from France), a recipient of International Summer Concerts prize at Xiropigado 2016.


  • Yekaterina Lebedeva-Piano (Russia, UK)Yekaterina Lebedeva-Piano (Russia, UK) "Yekaterina Lebedeva: the most empassioned and expressive pianist of her generation: Russian, beautiful, outspoken, breathtaking." - International Herald Tribune   Yekaterina made her performance debut in an extensive national conce...
  • SUMI JO - Soprano (Korea)SUMI JO - Soprano (Korea) Praised for the remarkable agility, precision and warmth of her voice, and for her outstanding musicianship, Sumi Jo has established herself as one of her generation’s most sought-after sopranos. She has been consistently greeted with exceptional a...
  • Vanessa Latarche - Piano (UK)Vanessa Latarche - Piano (UK) Professor Vanessa Latarche is Head of Keyboard and Professor of International Piano Studies at the Royal College of Music   After studying at the Royal College of Music and completing her training in the USA and Paris, Vanessa was awarded ...
  • JENNY Drivala- Soprano (Greece)JENNY Drivala- Soprano (Greece) World –renowned Greek soprano Jenny Drivala has a reputation as one of the best Bel Canto exponents through the main Opera Houses of Europe and America for the last 25 years, hailed by the critics as “ a dramatic coloratura with overtones reminis...
  • Laurens Patzlaff - Piano (Germany)Laurens Patzlaff - Piano (Germany) Professor Laurens Patzlaff is Professor for piano and improvisation (classical and jazz) at Lübeck University of Music.   Improvisation is the main focus of pianist Laurens Patzlaff’s artistic and academic career. He started playing the...
  • Manolis Papasifakis- Accompanist (Greece)Manolis Papasifakis- Accompanist (Greece) Manolis Papasifakis was born in Athens, Greece, but his musical schooling began in the United States, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his family had relocated and remained through his early school years. Here, while still at pre-school age he ...

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