Web Services, 8%Develop REST architecture based web services to facilitate communication between client and servers. We calculated that 12% of Front End Developers are proficient in Javascript, Front-End, and Web Services. They’re also known for soft skills such as Concentration, Customer-service skills, and Creativity. Developed and tuned customized complex PL/SQL procedures based on client requirement.

what does a front end developer do

Mathematical, analytical, creativity, design, and problem-solving skills are a must in any software development job. And soft skills are even more critical in a digital-first or digital-only environment. The second possible career path is to continue as an individual contributor. Many developers opt to continue their careers as individual contributors, enjoying equally fulfilling careers and developing deep technical expertise in various technology languages and frameworks.

Debugged and logged using Chrome developer tools, configured test environment using Karma and wrote unit test using Jasmine. Established user interface design standards, internationalization considerations, framework guide and checklists to enhance Development’s autonomy. Defined the user interface using HTML through Angular JS and used Backbone.js to structure JavaScript code. Convert data from database into JSON format files and retrieve useful information using AJAX calls to display them on the browser. Instead, it will scale their compensation packages to reflect the pay ranges of high-cost areas. Grow by 22 percent — almost triple the 8 percent average growth rate for all occupations.

One detail that technical recruiters and aspiring developers alike will notice is that there’s no standard way to learn this skill set. There’s a huge variety in the technologies front-end developers know and the order they learn them. Any company that’s building its own website or online applications will need to hire front-end developers.

What Mobile Applications Developers Do

Before becoming a front end developer, 72.2% earned their bachelor’s degree. When it comes down to graduating with a master’s degree, 14.6% front end developers went for the extra education. If you’re wanting to pursue this career, it may be possible to be successful with a high school degree. But about one out of every nine front end developers https://globalcloudteam.com/ didn’t attend college at all. Front-End, 12%Support the development of innovative, Web-based applications by providing team leadership and in-depth architectural direction for modern front-end development. Used modern web development stack to create single-page mobile web applications that communicate with a back-end server via a JSON API.

At this point, some developers will choose to transition from front-end to back-end or to full-stack development roles. A newer developer usually works in one of front-end developer these roles for one to three years. In this post, we’ll break down the statistics, job requirements, and responsibilities of a career in front-end development.

Front End Developer Related Jobs

For the most part, front end developers make their living in the professional and technology industries. Front end developers tend to make the most in the finance industry with an average salary of $97,831. The front end developer annual salary in the media and technology industries generally make $96,189 and $92,380 respectively. Additionally, front end developers who work in the finance industry make 12.9% more than front end developers in the professional Industry. Front-end developers architect and develop applications and websites through web technologies.

But competition for skilled front-end developers is fierce, and it’s common for job openings requiring degrees to go unfilled. Companies looking to hire developers should be prepared to recognize other forms of education and experience. Employers will have access to a much larger pool of talent if they prioritize skills over education and pedigree. Technical competency alone isn’t enough to succeed in a front-end role.

  • Generally speaking, mobile applications developers receive $7,110 higher pay than front end developers per year.
  • Additionally, front end developers are known to earn anywhere from $68,000 to $124,000 a year.
  • Before becoming a front end developer, 72.2% earned their bachelor’s degree.
  • Front-end developers build websites or web applications or focus on mobile web development.
  • Work with server-side developers, test engineers, project managers, technical leads, and business analysts through the whole SDLC.

Web application developers utilize their expertise in programming languages and system codes, ensuring the efficiency and smooth navigation of the website. They also run multiple diagnostic tests on the output before release, identifying inconsistencies, and addressing incompatibilities on browsers and devices. A web application developer should be detail-oriented and highly-technical as this job requires excellent digital knowledge to manage complex systems. We looked at the average front end developer annual salary and compared it with the average of a mobile applications developer.

How A Web Application Developer Compares

Customer-service skills involve listening skills that allow you to communicate efficiently and respectfully with a customer. Store procedures and triggers utilize for the backend database implementation. Receive business logic specifications and design documents, and translate them into HTML, CSS, JSON files, JavaScript code. 86.7 percent of developers have taught themselves a framework, language, or tool outside of a classroom or course. Discover how industry-leading companies use HackerRank to hire the best technical talent. View more details on front end developer salaries across the United States.

what does a front end developer do

The average resume of applications developers showed that they earn similar levels of education to front end developers. So much so that the likelihood of them earning a Master’s Degree is 3.8% more. Additionally, they’re more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree by 0.2%. Now, we’ll look at applications developers, who generally average a lower pay when compared to front end developers annual salary.

How To Remember Everything When Learning To Code

As mentioned, these two careers differ between other skills that are required for performing the work exceedingly well. From there, they’ll have the opportunity to move into mid- to senior-level roles with hands-on web and software development experience, such as Senior Front-End Developer or Lead Web Developer. Senior front-end developers might also start specializing in particular technologies, such as information architecture, cloud hosting, user experience, and search engine optimization . While both front end developers and applications developers complete day-to-day tasks using similar skills like javascript, web services, and git, the two careers also vary in other skills.

what does a front end developer do

“front-end,” “c #,” “node.js,” and “sass” are skills that have shown up on front end developers resumes. Additionally, applications developer uses skills like c++, procedures, database, and software development on their resumes. An application developer is responsible for creating program applications for devices based on clients’ specifications and business needs.


Application developers must have excellent knowledge of computer systems, as well as a strong command of programming languages to develop customized programs. A mobile application developer is responsible for designing programming applications for mobile devices according to clients’ specifications and business demands. Mobile application developers must have excellent knowledge of the technology industry, as well as computer system commands to develop efficient scripts and smooth navigation of operating systems. They analyze the clients’ needs and recommend application solutions within their budget limitations and timeframe. A mobile application developer identifies inconsistencies and glitches with the output before submission to ensure its stability and optimal performance.

Senior Front-End (ReactJS) OpenMRS Developer – Kenya – ReliefWeb

Senior Front-End (ReactJS) OpenMRS Developer – Kenya.

Posted: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 09:33:31 GMT [source]

If you were to take a closer look at Lifetime, you’d find that the average front end developer salary is $134,581. Then at Apple, front end developers receive an average salary of $131,650, while the salary at Atlassian is $128,102. Lastly, the third possibility is a transition out of development to a career in design, multimedia, and marketing. Because front-end developers have design and layout experience, they’re able to thrive in graphic design, user experience, and media production. In contrast, front-end developers are responsible for creating everything the user sees and interacts with in their browser.

Additionally, front end developers are known to earn anywhere from $68,000 to $124,000 a year. This means that the top-earning front end developers make $59,000 more than the lowest earning ones. This is likely because developers are strongest in classic languages taught in computer science programs, like C, C++, Java, and Python. Front-end-heavy languages, though, are often excluded from traditional CS programs, leading developers to learn JavaScript through on-the-job experience or self-directed learning.

Front End Developer Jobs You Might Like

Implemented client side validation using JavaScript and server side validation using validation framework. Developed various AngularJS directives to help build the functionality and UI behavior using JavaScript. Created UI designs using Web 2.0 standards Extensive experience working with object oriented JavaScript. Used best practices in HTML and CSS to develop a static site base from a static image of a website design. Used Linux workstation and work with the Drupal content management system to develop site.

We spoke with John Pham, a front-end developer at Smartsheet and formerly at Microsoft, to find out more about his day to day and what he works on in his front-end role. John was a subject matter expert on our brand new Front-End Engineer Career Path. Work with server-side developers, test engineers, project managers, technical leads, and business analysts through the whole SDLC. Data is scarce on how this career decision impacts long-term earning potential. Career outlook for individual contributors and managers will also depend on a number of other factors, including industry, company size, and experience.

In contrast, front end developers make the biggest average salary of $97,831 in the finance industry. Web application developers make a very good living in the finance industry with an average annual salary of $88,928. Whereas front end developers are paid the highest salary in the finance industry with the average being $97,831. The motivation behind this decision is that experienced developers aren’t necessarily interested in or qualified to be managing a team. And developers in an individual contributor role have the opportunity to focus on growing their technical skills and learning the newest emerging technologies.

Web application developers are known to earn similar educational levels when compared to front end developers. Additionally, they’re 1.4% more likely to graduate with a Master’s Degree, and 0.4% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree. Since salary is important to some front end developers, it’s good to note that they are figured to earn the highest salaries at Lifetime, Apple, and Atlassian.

Java developers are in charge of the design, development, and management of Java-based applications. Whereas, J2EE or Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition developers are responsible for developing web and software enterprise-internet level applications. Both developers utilize the Java programming language, but the first one develops desktop-based applications while the later develop enterprise-related applications.

6 Tips For Hiring The Best Game Developer Talent

For most indie studios, design responsibilities are shared throughout the whole team. Apart from being an all-around player, a designer also needs to discuss important topics with the whole team. The more ideas and concepts a person sees and the more different games they play, the greater the chances that they will come up with ideas that will be creative and inspiring. Many developers will have experience working on a single genre. It’s better to hire a developer who has worked on games similar to your requirement.

  • You can set your project as paid hourly or a fixed price one.
  • Like you can hire a separate freelance menu designer and a separate sound designer for your game.
  • We follow the agile methodology for our game development process, which allows us to incorporate client feedback at every stage.
  • So the extra money for the source code is worth every peny.

You can interview the freelancers you think will be a right fit and place the order. You can set your project as paid hourly or a fixed price one. Many roles are available at Ubisoft that allow team members to express their talent and put their expertise to work.

Without the source code, there might be copyright claims from the developer in the future if the game does well. So the extra money for the source code is worth every peny. The main problem with Freelancer.com is you might get zero bids after waiting for a while. There is a option to invite freelancers to take up your work but sometimes you might not get a freelancer to do your job.

There are programmers that simply like to get into it on their own, without consulting anyone. This could work as well, but you first need to set a plan and organize properly so that everyone does hire video game developer their part. See this video where a YouTube channel called badgamedev experimented with 3 Fiverr gigs for $10. Upwork has a refund policy but the freelancer decides on how much refund you will get.

Will Character Design And Game Assets Be Included In The Gig?

The entire indie community are game lovers who think that the story is very important. Gamers pay a lot of attention to the story and this is why having a passionate and skilled writer is essential. Additionally, a person who is in a gaming community can also help a lot. This kind of involvement can be one of the best resources an indie development studio can have. This is an open community where everyone can ask questions, talk to peers, and get valuable answers.

For example, if you hire a 2D artist to design a VR game, the result will not be as good as an experienced VR developer. There are lot of https://globalcloudteam.com/ options when it comes to hiring a game developer. Google gives you a lot of options but how do you find out which one is right for you?

No, your programmer, artist or designer cannot handle all writing tasks. It is true that everyone can make up and write a story, but not everyone can do it well. You need a person with the necessary experience, skills and passion for telling a story. Unity and Unreal are the most used game engines in indie game development. If you have a game engine in mind, then better go with a developer specialized in that engine. I prefer going with Unity developers as I am more comfortable with Unity than Unreal.

The process of hiring a freelancer on Freelancer.com goes like this. You submit your complete project details and freelancers will submit their bid for your job. You get to select the best one for your job after screening through the options. A writer is responsible for creating the story of the game; its premise.

Not everyone is cut out to work in such an environment and put themselves on the line each day while not having a guaranteed income. As an established game development studio, we provide end-to-end solutions for game design, coding, testing, and deployment. This kind of team will tackle all challenges easily and be able to make games that nobody has seen before. A lot of studios make the mistake in overlooking the importance of having a skilled writer on board.

hire video game developer

To simplify the hiring process for developers, we have made our own list of game developers and artists you can hire. Simply put, finding someone with a good CV is not going to cut it and you need to dig a little deeper to attract the right talent. The cost to hire game developers can vary depending on the genre you select. Remember that you will have a small team and a limited budget when you start your indie game studio. This means that you won’t be able to replace people easily and that everyone in your team is vital to making those indie games that people love. A good writer will make all of these game elements captivating and thus improve the gaming experience overall.

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Also, hiring a freelance game developer can be of great help if you are an individual game developer. Take your time when searching for the right people using the formula above and make sure that they understand what they are getting into. Developing indie games is not an easy job and it’s a hell of a ride. Only the ones that have real passion for video games will be able to see each project through. The main reason for this is the fact that finding the right people who will work with you can prove to be quite difficult.

hire video game developer

This makes it risk free for the hiring company or individual. Game development technology has been evolving at an increased pace. The result being games with better graphics and stunning gameplay. Not everyone has the skill or creativity to make visually appealing games that are good to play.

They might offer to work at a much lower price than the estimate above. But, it’s better to be clear and precise about your requirements. Source code is required if you want to make changes to your game in the future. Not all developers give source code with the end delivery.

Video Game Development Outsourcing Solutions

With titles across major gaming platforms to our credit, our standards are at par with some of the best video game development companies in the USA. You can hire game developers for a part of work rather than a full game development. Like you can hire a separate freelance menu designer and a separate sound designer for your game. Following are the major factors that influence the cost of hiring a game developer. The first and most important thing in my opinion is to hire only people that truly have love for video games.

hire video game developer

We have worked with clients ranging from young startups to mature Fortune companies who are very impressed with our service offerings. Brief us your requirements and we’ll get started on it right away. Still, a lot of programmers are aware that they are the “muscle” behind the project and, because of this, they stop being good team players. This could cause a lot of problems as small studios that have little teams need everyone to get along and work together as one.

All of the ideas that you have as a team will be realized by a programmer and this is why this role is very important. First of all, you need someone who has experience in developing and tweaking code. Some developers have templates ready to go for different types of games.

Questions To Ask Before You Hire Game Developers

Even if the game looks the same, the optimization required for different devices are different. For example, a terrain made for a PC game won’t render effectively on mobile or on console. It’s better to go through the gig description before asking the developer your questions. Some developers make clear and detailed gig descriptions which answer most of your questions. The reason it’s at number 3 is the hiring and payment process is the most complex one. Fiverr offers an option to get back your money if you are not satisfied with the Job.


Our skilled video game developers work with Unity3D, Unreal, Cocos2Dx, Construct and PlayCanvas to create engaging games across different genres. Our comprehensive solutions include concept art, level design, programming, scripting, and testing. We follow the agile methodology for our game development process, which allows us to incorporate client feedback at every stage. Juego Studios creates top-quality games for Android, iOS, Facebook, Windows, PC, desktops, consoles and other gaming platforms. Our team consists of some of the best creative and technical talent in the industry who’ve worked on over 200 projects for 80+ clients across the globe.

Game Desktop

Good designers are willing to learn new things and pick up skills quickly. It’s also a good idea to find someone who finished a game design school or college. The third important reason why your employees should be engaged in the community is due to the fact that they can make important connections and build business relationships.

Hire Game Developers: How And Where?

You go and search for your job requirement like “2D game artist“, Fiverr gives you the list of freelancers who can do 2D art for your game with reviews from completed jobs. You can filter out the freelancers based on your requirement and chat with them to see if they match your requirement. Look to find someone who has at least some experience with prototyping, and it doesn’t have to revolve around coding. Even though you should not require coding skills from your designer, having one that can write solid code can be of great benefit. A designer needs to have a versatile skillset and offer you expertise in audio, marketing, production, programming, and art. In most cases, new indie studios start off without a designer, but you will need one in the future, so learning how to recognize a good one is rather important.

Upwork doesn’t allow you to casually browse and chat with freelancers as in the case of Fiverr. But it does let you interview them before placing the order. If none of the Gigs offered match your requirement then you can also request a custom Gig from a freelancer. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

Starting a brand new indie game development studio is not an easy task. In order to be successful in this world, you need to find people who share your passion for games and have a similar approach to making money from video games. As one of the top Bay area gaming companies, we offer cost-effective solutions for clients looking to outsource game production or hire game developers for short-term projects. With a multi-national presence and an experienced team of professionals, we’re well equipped to handle projects of various scales. We ensure clear communication and collaboration through all stages of the project.

You need to see how good they are when just doodling around. Make sure that you don’t undermine an artist because he or she has a lot of unfinished works in their sketchbook. Instead, look to see ideas that you might like and imagine how they would look when finished. First of all, you should ask for a portfolio for you to review. After you’re done with this, you should ask to see a more current sketchbook the artist is using. Artists like to present their best work to people and they hide their weaknesses and flaws.

Additionally, you might be able to find potential employees or partners you can collaborate with. One of the safest ways to find a good indie developer is to talk to people at game exhibits, meetups, and presentations. Character design and game assets is a big part of game development. Game assets include game environment, menu icons, sounds and effects. It’s better to clarify what the gig offers before placing an order.

This includes making a plot, setting, characters and their personalities, and all the narrative elements that you might require. Indie games need to tell a unique story and offer an experience they will become known for. This is especially true if you plan on making story-driven games that have a lot of dialogue, narration, or text. Having someone with a wide skillset means that the designer will always be productive in many aspects.

Mongodb Reviews, Rating And Features 2022

MySQL is a relational database management system designed to help businesses record, update, and manage data… Asana helps you plan, organize, and manage Agile projects and Scrum sprints in a tool that’s as flexible and collaborative as your team. From Boards to Timelines and custom fields to dependencies, Asana has the features your team needs to build fast and ship often.

The unique id is provided for each and every new document. The queries are easily understandable without involving any complex joins, unions. It also obeys the Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability known as ACID properties which are essential for a database.

MongoDB Review

No need to download the snapshots for restoring your database. You can just create a new volume from your snapshot. Network latency increases with the snapshot size while restoring the database.

Data Management Software

With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best MongoDB courses on Udemy if you’re looking to grow your skills for work or play. Udemy is one of the top online education platforms in the world with more than 130,000 courses, expert instruction, and lifetime access that allows you to learn on your own schedule. This list of the best MongoDB courses on Udemy below includes links to the modules and our take on each. Both backup methods internally use mongodump, which has some issues with handling very large databases. All the backups generated by this commands are MongoRestore compatible. You can user mongorestore command with –oplogReplay option to ensure consistency.

The drivers are easily available from open source contributors and works amazingly well. For a No-SQL database, it is amazingly well managed and easier to use in almost all other languages. We were able to create a system to easily locate and track data based on individual metadata fields.

It is up to the customers which database they want to use and how they are going to use it and leverage the subscription of that database. Based on their preferences, we select the database. When I was getting trained in the data engineering field, there was a saying that if we run after the technical support, we won’t be able to see a bug in our own code. Since then, our superiors or colleagues don’t suggest going for technical support. If anything goes wrong, we just troubleshoot it on our own, and we have done that successfully.

Software Engineering Intern

And it has an expressive query language that lets them get, set, sort and aggregate data without writing extra code. It also makes it easy to deploy, provision, and scale. MongoDB is a popular data management solution with a NoSQL database that enables you to store and process structured and semi-structured data with ease. The solution is scalable and flexible, and is designed to overcome the relational databases approach and the limitations of other NoSQL solutions. In addition, MongoDB stands apart as the cloud database platform of choice for enterprise applications that require real-time analytics.

MongoDB supports sharding means huge data can be divided into smaller data and can be stored in multiple databases across a network. Different collections in MongoDB can be clubbed together and it also supports transactions which involve data needed from multiple documents across a collection. Based on these properties I have worked on different use cases and because of these features, work became simpler.

Also for data in a certain collection there are no limitations like fixed number is rows or columns. I have merged mongodb with the react js and building https://globalcloudteam.com/ a fully dynamic website for a client. And mongodb have the user authentication in builtin so it’s easier for me so no need to extra code for that part.

MongoDB Review

I love how MongoDB integrates with code in such a way that queries look just like any other code. I also love how the documents from MongoDB are returned MongoDB vs PostgreSQL natively to Node.JS as objects without any mapping at all. MongoDB is an intuitive and very performant database, I recommend trying it if you haven’t.

MongoDB integrates very well with JS-based server code. It’s fast and its dynamic, NoSQL nature allows for a lot of flexibility and creative use. Using MongoDB for years, mostly as local storage in docker containers. We all had first-hand experience with MongoDB and it seemed easier to use/setup than the other two databases. Icon”It’s ease of use and integration with Python is the best thing. Use for web development and other applications, this has been a great tool.”

The API I have worked with was written in Javascript, and it was very intuitive and simple to grasp. MongoDB was hosted in AWS cloud, and it turned out to generate costs similar to DynamoDB. Plenty of the more advanced concepts were also covered, and with nice examples. MongoDB has both indexes and an explain function so we can work on the way it performs – very valuable knowledge as we move to a new platform and get to know it.

This is a good product and I recommend it for anybody who wants to store NoSQL data. It provides a lot of features and the clustering, in particular, is a good one. Initially, we wanted to store login information, dumping the entire message into the database.

It was supervised and everything was finished by the internal code team to improve their skills and learn what was needed to have BAU, business as usual. It went hand in hand with our AWS journey and the cloud infrastructure. I remember one scenario which involved a quite popular product in the Czech Republic. We were actually able to predict the number of interactions being required during the phase of the product opening. We prepared the infrastructure from MongoDB and after that period of time, it was shrunken back to the original size.

MongoDB is ranked #28 on the Best Technology Companies to Work For in New York list. Zippia’s Best Places to Work lists provide unbiased, data-based evaluations of companies. Rankings are based on government and proprietary data on salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity. Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose MongoDB in their tech stack.

It Pro Reviews Of Mongodb

It lets you monitor, deploy, manage & scale your database clusters with ease. It supports MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Percona XtraDB and Galera Cluster. This software automates almost all the database operations like deploying a cluster, adding or removing a node from any cluster, continuous backups, scaling the cluster etc. All these things, you can do from one single GUI provided by the ClusterControl system. MongoDB Cloud Manager is cloud-based backup solution which provides point-in-time restore, continuous and online backup solution as a fully managed service. You can simply install the Cloud Manager agent to manage backup and restore of your database.

  • It has been quite stable and also, we are only using it for a limited purpose at this point.
  • “The on-premises version of the solution is still pretty expensive, especially compared to the cloud version.”
  • With relational databases like PostgreSQL, altering your table is necessary to make any changes.
  • Here’s a list of all 174 tools that integrate with MongoDB.
  • The first is a Business Process Management System that we have developed for ourselves.

So it is essential to keep the backup of your database and that your database has a good and easy process for backup. Chapter1 Introducing Data Modeling it is just an introductory chapter. It gives a brief explanation of what is the MongoDB document database and NoSQL databases, a brief overview of the ANSI/SPARC architecture and so on. Although some authors state that some NoSQL databases are schemaless it is not true for MongoDB given that it is used for representing semi-structured and structured data. PostgreSQL ultimately employs SQL, a structured query language, to define, access, and manipulate the database.

Mongodb Job Seekers Also Viewed

Like a relational database, Mongo can index data and force uniqueness on data attributes. By default, the _id attribute is indexed; moreover, this document can further index individual fields or even a combination of them . Additionally, when defining an index, you can specify that its value be unique. TypeORM is typically used with SQL databases, but also has basic MongoDB support. Before I deciding to use TypeORM I tried doing some research online, but not too much came up. Others mentioned they were using it and it worked well enough for them, but didn’t go into too much detail.

MongoDB Review

The first 6 chapters and the first part of chapter 7 covers general MongoDB concepts and it is intended for beginners and intermediate readers. The second part of chapter 7 and chapter 8 are devoted to intermediate and advanced readers. Readers of this second part must set up the right environment to grasp the concepts being covered. PostgreSQL scales vertically , therefore it requires downtime to upgrade. HarperDB and PostgreSQL both have enterprise-grade ACID SQL transactions, meaning the validity of data is quite reliable.

Elie Tech: Full Stack Software Development Based In Tel Aviv

Ops Manager is a management application for MongoDB which runs in your data center. It continuously backs up your data and provides point-in-time restore processes for your database. Within this application, there is an agent which connects to your MongoDB instances. It will first perform an initial sync to backup the current state of the database. The agent will keep sending the compressed and encrypted oplog data to Ops Manager so that you can have a continuous backup.

“mongodb Is A High Performance, Scalable, Flexible And Reliable Db Stable & Easy To Use!”

Every day our editors scan the Web looking for the most relevant content about Enterprise Information Management and posts it here. To ensure the most secure and best overall experience on our website, we recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. In addition to this, at 11 am Eastern time today, Percona is presenting “A Sneak Peek Into MongoDB 5.0” with an exclusive live look at the features expected in MongoDB’s latest release. ClusterControl provides a very nice GUI for MongoDB backup management with support for scheduling and creative reports.

The Cassandra Query Language is a close relative of SQL. The most valuable feature is that you can store unstructured data, which is helpful when you don’t know what the best structure should be and you cannot use a relational database because of that. For example, in our online shopping product, different products have different features and there is no structure for all of the data. One of the most difficult parts of software development, especially with complex projects, is keeping the software maintained. As business requirement change, the effort required to make those changes grows over time. I can make structural changes to my underlying data with ease without too much modification the data access layer.

This was also a painless process, with the ability to add IPs to the whitelist, being able to download client drivers as well the shell all in one neatly packaged dialog. Aayushi Mangal is a Support Engineer with Percona. Previously, she worked as a NoSQL Database Administrator for the retail based MNC. Her experience includes work as a database developer, database administrator, and as a web designer. Living in India, Aayushi is fond of nature, sightseeing and peace.

This command will backup only users collection in mydb database. If you don’t give this option then, it will backup all the collection in the database by default. Database backup is nothing but a way to protect or restore data. It is the process of storing the operational state, architecture, and data of your database. It can be very useful in situations of technical outage or disaster.

Furthermore, it fits into its users’ existing infrastructure and processes letting them deploy and upgrade with one click and no downtime. It scales natively and handles failover on its own. It runs in the cloud or on commodity hardware in data centers. For developers, MongoDB makes working with a database simple and elegant. It uses a JSON data model that maps to their applications, and has dynamic schemas that lets them iterate quickly. It has drivers for the languages they use to code.


  • Yekaterina Lebedeva-Piano "Yekaterina Lebedeva: the most empassioned and expressive pianist of her generation: Russian, beautiful, outspoken, breathtaking." - International Herald Tribune
  • Susan Bullock- Soprano Susan Bullock’s unique position as the world’s most sought-after British dramatic soprano was recognised by the award of a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in June 2014.
  • Janina Fialkowska- Piano Beloved the world over for her exquisite pianism, Janina Fialkowska has enchanted audiences for almost forty years with her glorious lyrical sound, her sterling musicianship and her profound sense of musical integrity.
  • Manolis Papasifakis-AccompanistManolis Papasifakis was born in Athens, Greece, but his musical schooling began in the United States, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his family had relocated and remained through his early school years.
  • Jenny Drivala-SopranoJenny Drivala-SopranoJenny Drivala is a reknowned Greek Soprano. Winner of the 1st Prize of the “V. Bellini” International Competition and the Special Prize “M Callas” in the same competition.

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