6 Tips For Hiring The Best Game Developer Talent

For most indie studios, design responsibilities are shared throughout the whole team. Apart from being an all-around player, a designer also needs to discuss important topics with the whole team. The more ideas and concepts a person sees and the more different games they play, the greater the chances that they will come up with ideas that will be creative and inspiring. Many developers will have experience working on a single genre. It’s better to hire a developer who has worked on games similar to your requirement.

  • You can set your project as paid hourly or a fixed price one.
  • Like you can hire a separate freelance menu designer and a separate sound designer for your game.
  • We follow the agile methodology for our game development process, which allows us to incorporate client feedback at every stage.
  • So the extra money for the source code is worth every peny.

You can interview the freelancers you think will be a right fit and place the order. You can set your project as paid hourly or a fixed price one. Many roles are available at Ubisoft that allow team members to express their talent and put their expertise to work.

Without the source code, there might be copyright claims from the developer in the future if the game does well. So the extra money for the source code is worth every peny. The main problem with Freelancer.com is you might get zero bids after waiting for a while. There is a option to invite freelancers to take up your work but sometimes you might not get a freelancer to do your job.

There are programmers that simply like to get into it on their own, without consulting anyone. This could work as well, but you first need to set a plan and organize properly so that everyone does hire video game developer their part. See this video where a YouTube channel called badgamedev experimented with 3 Fiverr gigs for $10. Upwork has a refund policy but the freelancer decides on how much refund you will get.

Will Character Design And Game Assets Be Included In The Gig?

The entire indie community are game lovers who think that the story is very important. Gamers pay a lot of attention to the story and this is why having a passionate and skilled writer is essential. Additionally, a person who is in a gaming community can also help a lot. This kind of involvement can be one of the best resources an indie development studio can have. This is an open community where everyone can ask questions, talk to peers, and get valuable answers.

For example, if you hire a 2D artist to design a VR game, the result will not be as good as an experienced VR developer. There are lot of https://globalcloudteam.com/ options when it comes to hiring a game developer. Google gives you a lot of options but how do you find out which one is right for you?

No, your programmer, artist or designer cannot handle all writing tasks. It is true that everyone can make up and write a story, but not everyone can do it well. You need a person with the necessary experience, skills and passion for telling a story. Unity and Unreal are the most used game engines in indie game development. If you have a game engine in mind, then better go with a developer specialized in that engine. I prefer going with Unity developers as I am more comfortable with Unity than Unreal.

The process of hiring a freelancer on Freelancer.com goes like this. You submit your complete project details and freelancers will submit their bid for your job. You get to select the best one for your job after screening through the options. A writer is responsible for creating the story of the game; its premise.

Not everyone is cut out to work in such an environment and put themselves on the line each day while not having a guaranteed income. As an established game development studio, we provide end-to-end solutions for game design, coding, testing, and deployment. This kind of team will tackle all challenges easily and be able to make games that nobody has seen before. A lot of studios make the mistake in overlooking the importance of having a skilled writer on board.

hire video game developer

To simplify the hiring process for developers, we have made our own list of game developers and artists you can hire. Simply put, finding someone with a good CV is not going to cut it and you need to dig a little deeper to attract the right talent. The cost to hire game developers can vary depending on the genre you select. Remember that you will have a small team and a limited budget when you start your indie game studio. This means that you won’t be able to replace people easily and that everyone in your team is vital to making those indie games that people love. A good writer will make all of these game elements captivating and thus improve the gaming experience overall.

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Also, hiring a freelance game developer can be of great help if you are an individual game developer. Take your time when searching for the right people using the formula above and make sure that they understand what they are getting into. Developing indie games is not an easy job and it’s a hell of a ride. Only the ones that have real passion for video games will be able to see each project through. The main reason for this is the fact that finding the right people who will work with you can prove to be quite difficult.

hire video game developer

This makes it risk free for the hiring company or individual. Game development technology has been evolving at an increased pace. The result being games with better graphics and stunning gameplay. Not everyone has the skill or creativity to make visually appealing games that are good to play.

They might offer to work at a much lower price than the estimate above. But, it’s better to be clear and precise about your requirements. Source code is required if you want to make changes to your game in the future. Not all developers give source code with the end delivery.

Video Game Development Outsourcing Solutions

With titles across major gaming platforms to our credit, our standards are at par with some of the best video game development companies in the USA. You can hire game developers for a part of work rather than a full game development. Like you can hire a separate freelance menu designer and a separate sound designer for your game. Following are the major factors that influence the cost of hiring a game developer. The first and most important thing in my opinion is to hire only people that truly have love for video games.

hire video game developer

We have worked with clients ranging from young startups to mature Fortune companies who are very impressed with our service offerings. Brief us your requirements and we’ll get started on it right away. Still, a lot of programmers are aware that they are the “muscle” behind the project and, because of this, they stop being good team players. This could cause a lot of problems as small studios that have little teams need everyone to get along and work together as one.

All of the ideas that you have as a team will be realized by a programmer and this is why this role is very important. First of all, you need someone who has experience in developing and tweaking code. Some developers have templates ready to go for different types of games.

Questions To Ask Before You Hire Game Developers

Even if the game looks the same, the optimization required for different devices are different. For example, a terrain made for a PC game won’t render effectively on mobile or on console. It’s better to go through the gig description before asking the developer your questions. Some developers make clear and detailed gig descriptions which answer most of your questions. The reason it’s at number 3 is the hiring and payment process is the most complex one. Fiverr offers an option to get back your money if you are not satisfied with the Job.


Our skilled video game developers work with Unity3D, Unreal, Cocos2Dx, Construct and PlayCanvas to create engaging games across different genres. Our comprehensive solutions include concept art, level design, programming, scripting, and testing. We follow the agile methodology for our game development process, which allows us to incorporate client feedback at every stage. Juego Studios creates top-quality games for Android, iOS, Facebook, Windows, PC, desktops, consoles and other gaming platforms. Our team consists of some of the best creative and technical talent in the industry who’ve worked on over 200 projects for 80+ clients across the globe.

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Good designers are willing to learn new things and pick up skills quickly. It’s also a good idea to find someone who finished a game design school or college. The third important reason why your employees should be engaged in the community is due to the fact that they can make important connections and build business relationships.

Hire Game Developers: How And Where?

You go and search for your job requirement like “2D game artist“, Fiverr gives you the list of freelancers who can do 2D art for your game with reviews from completed jobs. You can filter out the freelancers based on your requirement and chat with them to see if they match your requirement. Look to find someone who has at least some experience with prototyping, and it doesn’t have to revolve around coding. Even though you should not require coding skills from your designer, having one that can write solid code can be of great benefit. A designer needs to have a versatile skillset and offer you expertise in audio, marketing, production, programming, and art. In most cases, new indie studios start off without a designer, but you will need one in the future, so learning how to recognize a good one is rather important.

Upwork doesn’t allow you to casually browse and chat with freelancers as in the case of Fiverr. But it does let you interview them before placing the order. If none of the Gigs offered match your requirement then you can also request a custom Gig from a freelancer. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

Starting a brand new indie game development studio is not an easy task. In order to be successful in this world, you need to find people who share your passion for games and have a similar approach to making money from video games. As one of the top Bay area gaming companies, we offer cost-effective solutions for clients looking to outsource game production or hire game developers for short-term projects. With a multi-national presence and an experienced team of professionals, we’re well equipped to handle projects of various scales. We ensure clear communication and collaboration through all stages of the project.

You need to see how good they are when just doodling around. Make sure that you don’t undermine an artist because he or she has a lot of unfinished works in their sketchbook. Instead, look to see ideas that you might like and imagine how they would look when finished. First of all, you should ask for a portfolio for you to review. After you’re done with this, you should ask to see a more current sketchbook the artist is using. Artists like to present their best work to people and they hide their weaknesses and flaws.

Additionally, you might be able to find potential employees or partners you can collaborate with. One of the safest ways to find a good indie developer is to talk to people at game exhibits, meetups, and presentations. Character design and game assets is a big part of game development. Game assets include game environment, menu icons, sounds and effects. It’s better to clarify what the gig offers before placing an order.

This includes making a plot, setting, characters and their personalities, and all the narrative elements that you might require. Indie games need to tell a unique story and offer an experience they will become known for. This is especially true if you plan on making story-driven games that have a lot of dialogue, narration, or text. Having someone with a wide skillset means that the designer will always be productive in many aspects.

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